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Chinese international pipeline exhibition conference 2016 Theme forum

High-end positioning, leading the forefront of science and technology


Through careful planning, theme forum identified five major issues, pays more attention to the pipeline industry are: the new pattern of world energy and pipeline industry strategic planning, onshore pipeline construction technology and management, non excavation technology, pipeline monitoring, detection technology and integrity management, offshore pipeline technology. Promotion and application issues focus on professional technology, invited experts to speak has a very high level of science and technology.

The General Assembly invited the experts and scholars of authority within the industry, carefully organized 30 special report, forum participants reached 600 people. Forum full All seats are occupied., guest speakers, high standard, high level, the participants a warm response, have said the trip. The oil company leadership, leading organisers, International Gas Union (IGU) general secretary, National Commission of Energy Advisory Committee of experts, the national development and Reform Commission Director, former deputy director, former chief of the National Energy Administration Zhang Guobao respectively on the forum of the General Assembly will address.

CNPC deputy general manager of the Department of technology management Fang Zhaoliang, deputy general manager of PetroChina Co. Ltd., natural gas and pipeline company Hou venture, deputy general manager of the overseas exploration and development in oil stock company branch Huang Yongzhang, the Ministry of nationalplanning industry letter Secretary Wang Bin, the International Association of plumbing and ocean engineering contractor (IPLOCA) former chairman Andy Lucas (AndyLukas), Sinopec pipeline storage and transportation (sub) general manager of the company Qian Jianhua, general manager of CNPC KunLun Gas Co., Zhao Yongqi,general manager of Tianjin Pipe Group Corporation Sun Kaiming, Chinese Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association Secretary General Hu Weiping,Chinese Sinotrans CSC group company vice president Dong Jianjun and many otherleaders attended the forum.