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About Interpipe

As the Asian pipeline field maximum, the most professional industry meeting, "Interpipe" to provide the latest information and quality of trade integration solutions to industry for the rapid development, relying on domestic pipelineindustry, "Interpipe " to create a professional tradingplatform for the pipeline industry, in the construction of enterprise display platform at the same time pay attention to the user and the buyers, to provide the best space cooperation trade market. "Interpipe " gathering the unit owners, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and service providers, a series of period setting procurement fair, seminars and other activities, and actively build the pipeline model in the Industry Exhibition Asia come first on the list.

Interpipe 2016 will be hold on 2016 April in Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center (Hebei Langfang) the grand opening, the show will focus on pipeline,engineering construction, corrosion, welding, non excavation, repair, information system, survey and field measurement, instrumentation, fluid equipment and the latest achievements of construction materials, for the domestic pipeline construction andoperation, provides an information dissemination, technical exchanges and tradenegotiations unit owners and supplier quality exchange platform.

Name: Interpipe 2016

Time:April , 2016

Venue:Langfang International Convention Center