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1、Pipe, tube and pipe fittings        

2、Detection technology and equipment              

3、Trenchless Technology and Equipment 

4、Beveling machine, pipelayers, excavators

5、Pipeline construction equipment 

6、Industrial explosion, fire alarm, security and labor supplies

7、Industrial cleaning equipment and materials 

8、Pipeline welding equipment and materials

9、SCADA system, security alarm systems, GIS, MIS  

10、Compressors, pumps, valves, measuring instruments

11、Pipeline corrosion, insulation, fireproofing materials 

12、Electrical equipment, wire and cable products

13、Mobile power plants, generators and other power equipment

14、Explosion-proof products, fire alarm, security and labor supplies

15、Pipeline maintenance repair, pipeline repair             

16、Natural gas and gas regulator, control, monitoring                           

17、Pipeline of new materials, new technology     

18、LPG, LNG, CNG equipment                

19、Oil and gas field surface engineering equipment  

20、Ocean Pipeline Engineering Equipment

21、Pipeline research departments and design institutes     

22、Special vehicles, uninstall and packaging, storage and transportation

23、Other related services, advanced technology and products